Any good story starts with a why so we begin there. I’m not particularly skilled at learning new concepts; I often get lost and have to go back to read even simple things to refresh my memory. So I’m hoping that this blog will serve as:

A learning resource for myself. I believe that teaching others a new concept is a fantastic way to poke holes in your own understanding of things. A learning resource for others. I’m not a fan of most medium articles, and unfortunately, it seems like the ones recommended to me are always the low-quality ones that just clog up my searches. Here’s hoping that this blog one day becomes helpful to you, my dear reader.

A learning resource for myself

Whenever I learn new things, I try to break down ideas into concepts I already know. I’ve always found it enlightening to approach new concepts by looking at them through the lens of what I already know. Often, this fresh reframing forces me to see things from a different point of view or review concepts to see if I had missed anything.

Overall, my goals are: Conveying the motivation behind some topics (likely related to Machine Learning) Sharing my thoughts and simplified ideas as I try to understand the topic(s). I also try to tie it to existing concepts I am familiar with Getting feedback about whether I’m correct in what I’ve said, assuming Cunningham’s Law still holds true for blog posts?

Reminding future me that it’s okay to say, “I don’t know.”, and that the most important thing is to never stop learning.

Special Thanks