Ian Quah - Initial post

14 Jan 2018

I believe that the beginning of any good story starts with a why so I’ll start there:

1) I’m not particularly quick at learning new things as I oftentimes find myself getting lost in the concepts. I often find myself having to go back to read even simple things to refresh my memory.

2) Unless I see the motivation behind a concept and how it’s useful I’ll probably ignore it * Over the years I’ve learned quite a bit about myself and how I learn (learning to learn by learning, anyone?) so this blog will hopefully serve as:

Where this blog comes in

Whenever I do learn new things, I try to break the concepts down into things I either already know, or the world around me to create some net of knowledge. I then try to explain things back to the unfortunate soul trying to teach me. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the privilege of having someone on the other end, so this blog will serve as a platform for me to post what I’ve learned with the intent of:

  1. Conveying the motivation behind some topic (likely related to Machine Learning)

  2. Posting my simplified ideas of sometimes complex topics trying to tie what I’ve learned to what I already know.

  3. Getting feedback about whether I’m correct in what I’ve said assuming Cunningham’s Law still holds true for blog posts?

I also believe in the power of saying I don’t know. I’m extremely interested in diving back into academia at some point, but I also feel that academia has a terrible cycle of extremely smart people who feel the need to try and assert their intelligence over other equally intelligent people which creates this viscious painful cycle and I’m DEFFINITELY not someone who is smart. Perhaps this blog can act as a reminder for me many years down the line when I’m sobbing over some research paper I can’t digest that it’s okay to feel lost

* It took me about 2 years after first being introduced to the multiplications table that I finally started to think it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

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